Working from my studio at West Studios, Chesterfield, I create contemporary knitted textile art and accessories, inspired by the over looked, fragile and complex beauty of nature. The exploration of different fibres and their interaction is an important element to my practise; wire and paper used with contrasting fine and transparent yarns give a unique lace-like quality which defines my recent work. These materials present an ethereal and almost skeletal aspect to my textiles, pushing the boundaries of machine knitting.

With my work I aim to draw attention to the subtle beauty of nature, the simple yet complex patterns found within plants and leaves which you can only see once you stop for a second and take a closer look. It’s within these intricate skeletal structures that you can see how alive nature really is, and how there is a pattern and a formula to everything, no matter how complex and chaotic it may seem. I feel that the subtle colours and pattern in combination with the use of unusual materials is what captures and holds the viewers’ attention. Intriguing them with its intricacy and delicacy, and making them consider the organic beauty in the world that surrounds us.


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